A feeling for the customer?
Living in a service dersert? Unfriendly service?                                                         For us, the word service cornes                                from "to serve"!

We are experts for sales and marketing. The symbiosis of specialists and generalisers within our team is supported by a powerful internal information system. By means of the consequent penetration of the market and high frequency of visits and contacts to the most different manufacturers and purchasers we see ourselves as consultants more than ever.

- Market know-how - product know-how - decades of experience and connections
- Market research - logistic solutions - backselling - technical Support
- Thinking in solutions and bringing ideas - one stop shopping
- Synergy of selling and costs - market opener .....

Making others big means becoming big oneself. But we w'ont reveal everthing here. 
If you want to know more and look for a strong partner: mail us!