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graphical papers. One of our best products at Optenhögel

Graphical papers

2side coated paper
Algae paper and Paper containing algal blooms
Bible paper
Binding paper
Black paper and board
Board for greeting cards
Book cover paper
Book end paper
Book printing paper, woodfree
Bulky paper
Callendered paper
Cash register roll paper
Coated board for greeting cards
Cast Coated paper and board
coated paper C1S
Label paper, coated and metallized.
Coloured paper and board uncoated
Copy Paper WF white and colour
Designer paper
Digital printing paper
Embossed paper and board
Envelope paper, white, coloured
Image papers
Inkjet paper WF uncoated
Laid paper and board
Laminating paper
Laser Paper WF white and colour
Magazine paper
Metallized paper
Newsprint paper standard and improved
Non-aging paper
Paper/Board for personal stationery
Paper for leaflets (pharma)
Playing Card Board
Photo album board white, coloured
Postcard cardboard
Preprint WF
BS (solid bleached Silphate)
SC B (calendered paper 100% RC)
Stationary paper and board
Stone Paper
Telephone directory cover board
Text & Cover paper and boards
Thin leightweight paper
Ticket paper and board
Uncoated paper specially glazed
Water colour paper
WFU (Offset) white, coloured, RC
Writing paper, WF, uncoated

Packaging paper and board

Aluminium foil
Black papers and cartons
Bookbinding board
Carrier bag paper
Cast coated papers and boards
Coloured papers and boards, uncoated
Container wrapping paper
Crackle silk paper
Display board, also weatherproof and flame retardant
Edge protector paper and boards
Embossed papers and boards
File and folder board
Floral tissue paper wet strength
GD2 carton
Glassine paper
Greaseproof paper
Grey board
GT1 carton with white reverse side
GZ carton
Hologram paper and board
Interleaving paper and board
Kraft paper
Kraft paper bleached
Metallized paper and cardboard
One-side coated papers and cartons
Parchment substitute paper, bleached and unbleached
Playing card board
Polypropylene sheets
Ream wrapping paper
SBS Cardboard
Sleeve paperboard
Special paper with PE and PP coating
Stone paper
Tissue paper, e’smooth and m’smooth
Waxed base paper
Wrapping paper


Specialities. Find out more of the best paper products at Optenhögel


Aluminium bottles
Aluminium foil
Baking paper
Biscuit wrapping paper
Black papers + boards
Book cover paper
Cellulose acetate films
Clay drawing paper
Crackle silk paper
Drawing paper and cardboard
Drinking straws made from bagasse
Disposable tableware made from bagasse
Floral tissue paper wet strength
Glassine papers
Greaseproof papers
Handicraft paper
High volume white tissue paper (TAD)
Hollow chamber sheets
Hologram paper and board
Impregnating papers
Metallised papers + boards
Mounting board
PE + PP coated paper
Polypropylene sheets
Playing card board
Special paper with PE and PP coating
Stone paper
Tablecloth base paper
Technical special papers and cartons
Water color paper and cardboard
Waxed base paper